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Three Zones for Ministry Preparation

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If you are called to ministry, I want to suggest three areas of focus for your development as a minister. Zone 1: Knowledge: being conversant with the Bible, theology, languages, church history, and related areas like evangelism, counseling, missions, or preaching.  What are the key categories, issues and fundamental questions in these areas? Zone 2: Skill: By skill I mean …

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How to Crush Your Semester

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How to Crush Your Semester: Define and Pursue Strategic Goals Every semester at seminary, you take another step into the person and pastor you are becoming.  You will reap what you sow. The beginning of the semester is the time to plan your growth, by doing two things: (1) establish growth goals for the semester, and (2) identify key actions …

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Seminary and Depression: A Guide to Self-Care

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It’s almost Christmas—the lights are shining, the parties are happening, and everything is happiness and peace on earth, right? Wrong. This is the time of year when people are more prone to depression than ever. One factor is the emotional baggage that comes when the holidays bring families together when they normally avoid each other. (I have a friend who …

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The Seminary Coach: Ask a Question

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Having a particular struggle or problem at seminary? Or are you considering attending seminary and have questions you can’t find the answer to? Ask any question, and I will try to get you a helpful answer. Your questions will help shape future articles here, and will help us develop more coaching resources for fellow seminary students. Or if you prefer, …