The New Look And A Growing Team

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The New Look As is obvious to site visitor, we’re experimenting with a serious upgrade to the look of I’ve wanted for a while to go to a format that would make browsing by category much easier. If I were all cool and stuff, I’d wait until everything was ready, and roll it out at all once. If only …

Sobering Quote

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From The Reformed Reader: “Sometimes seminarians complain that the seminary’s expectations of them are too demanding, that the course is too difficult, or that it is placing academic burdens upon them that they cannot bear.  Perhaps they feel that their sincerity and their sense of vocation are enough to sustain them in their ministry.  They are wrong.” William Willimon, Pastor: …

Learn to Share Your Faith

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When I was in seminary, I didn’t share my faith much. Most of the time I was pretty nervous about it. Part of this was a horrible misconception about evangelism, and part was the reality that I had not grown comfortable with who I was in Christ. There were plenty of others like me in seminary, but most were embarrassed … Bible Meme

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I normally don’t go for these, but I’ll make an exception this time. Thanks for the tag, Shaun 1. What translation of the Bible do you like best? NIV. Dynamic equivalence, 8th grade reading level. It’s a decent standard translation which manages to avoid woodenness (NASB), quirkiness (HCSB), elitism (ESV), and fluffiness (NLT). 2. Old or New Testament? Old Testament …

Can’t say no? Try the “Qualified Yes”

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Learning to say no is an important survival skill for ministry. People will ask you to do all sorts of things. because you’re nice. You’re in ministry! How could you say no? This will suck your life away if you’re not careful. We must defend our own borders. Of course, most of us in ministry ARE nice, and want to …

Learn to Pray

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This may be the most important post I ever write. While you’re in seminary, before you launch out into full-time ministry, you must learn to pray. Nothing in your life will determine the power of your ministry and your survival in its stresses more than the strength of your personal prayer life. From J. Oswald Sanders, author of Spiritual Leadership …