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If you are a new or current seminary student, or recent graduate, I want to invite you to write for Seminary Survival Guide.

I began this website in 2007, and posted actively through 2010, with only smattering updates since.  I’ve been busy with ministry and school, like most of you.) This website still attracts thousands of visitors, however, so there is continuing interest as new students enter seminary to face its challenges, some of which are perennial, and some of which are new.

A lot has changed about seminary culture since the mid-2000s, some very positive and encouraging developments, and others maybe not so much. To reflect these new realities, I want to encourage a new class of seminarians to contribute to Seminary Survival Guide.

A few things to note:

  1. The objective of this site has always been practical life management. Browse through the archives and you’ll get a feel for it.  We don’t major on theological discussions or philosophical issues.  How do we survive seminary? How do we navigate this part of ministry life?  That’s the question every post should attempt to answer in some way.
  2. Brief is best: 500-800 words is plenty. Seminary students have too much reading to do as it is.  Write concisely.
  3. There’s no money, just fabulous Internet cred. Send a link to your mom.  She’ll be proud.
  4. It will help if you find an image to accompany your submission.
  5. All submissions are subject to editorial review: we retain the right to accept, reject, or edit any submissions at our sole discretion.
  6. Interested? Have questions? You can reach out with an idea, or just write something up and send it in. Start here.

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Mark Warnock is the founder and General Editor of Seminary Survival Guide.com. He trains church planters and coaches new worship leaders at Family Church in West Palm Beach, and is finishing a Ph.D in Christian Philosophy at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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