Seminary Survival started in 2007 to help seminary students with tools and counsel for navigating the unexpected challenges of seminary.  Many seminary students are unprepared for how difficult it is to manage the multiple demands and stresses of seminary.  This website aims to provide practical help for doing so from the perspective of people in mid-ministry. This website is aimed at students in Protestant, evangelical theological seminaries. Students from seminaries in other traditions should find helpful material here, too, even if they do not agree with all of our assumptions.

Mark Warnock, the general editor for Seminary Survival Guide, is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div, 1995) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D, 2017). He has pastored in Illinois and Florida for over twenty years, and now pioneers church-based training for pastors and church planters as part of the Family Church Network in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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