Which seminary degree should I get?

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We’ve already mentioned that planning your study is your responsibility, and not your seminary’s. The first level of planning is to choose your degree program wisely. The M. Div. is the standard, time-honored ministry degree.  It includes biblical and theological studies as well as a range of coursework in the practical aspects of ministry: preaching, pastoral care, evangelism, and so …

Reflections on Graduating Seminary

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by Britt Treece A week before Christmas, after six long years of study, I graduated from seminary.  Looking back, I’ve had a lot of thoughts, questions, comments, and recommendations, so I thought that organizing some of them would be helpful both for me and for past, present, and future seminarians.  (Since it took me six years to finish, this could …

My First Semester Shock, or Seminarians Without Chests

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I approached seminary with many of the common illusions seminary students have. I thought it would be a spiritually vibrant and intense time, full of people who were overflowing with passion for Christ. Boy was I surprised. My first semester, I enrolled in Hebrew class, like many beginning M.Div.-ers. I made friends with some other young single guys in the …

Shorter degrees

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Here is an example of a guy who lived out my counsel on being judicious with your choice of degree.  This is a sensible exercise of triage.