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Sexual Sin is the Atomic Bomb

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Your personal sexual integrity is as important as anything else. A pastor friend of mine put it this way:  Sexual sin among ministers is the atomic bomb.  Nothing else can destroy so much, so fast. It will wreak havoc and destruction in the church on a scale that nothing else can. But among you there must not be even a …

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How to Get a Ph.D While Working a Full-Time Job

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I’m just completing my first semester in a seminary Ph.D program, which I began while keeping my full-time ministry job as Associate Pastor of my church.  It’s not an easy task at all, and has more than its share of time management challenges.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts and practices. Expect life to change. You cannot do …

11 Things to Do at Seminary: A Graduate’s Advice

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A new grad from my alma mater, Southwestern, shares his thoughts on seminary. A sample: Make an effort to develop good friendships  Not only are you making friends for life, who will be a rock for you to lean on during your days in ministry, but you will learn more outside of the classroom in conversations with friends than during …

Start the Semester Off Smart

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The first week of seminary is over, and looming ahead are due dates for reading, papers and tests. You know this because you should have a syllabus for each class, which contains all the assignments you’ll need to complete this semester and their due dates. This is awesome. It’s a time management bonanza. If you take a few moments to …