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Seminary Expectations

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Seminary is not what you expect.  Some students expect a three year spiritual high, like a Passion Conference for a revival meeting, and are disappointed when seminary turns out to be spiritually dull. Some expect close, fatherly mentoring from attentive professors. A few can find that, but most don’t. Some expect an intellectual feast, course after course of delightful theological …

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Navigating Seminary as a Woman

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While most seminarians are men, as are most seminary professors, women make up a significant part of the typical seminary student body. The Association of Theological Schools reports that women account for around a third of students for all seminaries, and about a fifth of the student body at evangelical seminaries. Women at seminary report that the environment can be …

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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

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Focus like a Ninja, Study like a Boss. Seminary reading and writing projects demand a kind of intellectual focus that can be hard to achieve. Even getting started on major projects can be a struggle. The best productivity comes when we get into a zone, a state of mental flow where focus is strong and ideas come easily. Here are …

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Procrastination: Seminary Time Waster #1

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Ah, procrastination. Putting off things that we dread is a very human temptation, but is completely self-destructive. Here are a few practical tips on overcoming procrastination. Some of these tips will work well for you, others won’t. Pick and choose as you will. Don’t think so much. Act! In his helpful article, “Do It Now!”, Steve Pavlina cites W. Clement …