Make Sure You’re Supposed to Be Here, part four

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To complete this series on calling, I offer a personal exercise to help you examine your calling. I’d enjoy hearing from any of you who find this beneficial.

I recommend printing the pdf of this, and working it out on paper.

Calling to Ministry Assessment

Part One: Self-Assessment

1. Write out your sense of calling to ministry. Include as much detail as possible. When and how did you become aware that God was calling you to ministry? What, specifically, is God calling you to? How do you know?

2. If you weren’t pursuing ministry, what would you do? Could you be happy doing anything other than ministry? (Don’t answer this too quickly.)

3. How is seminary necessary to fulfill your calling?

4. How strong is your internal sense of God’s calling? Rate the strength of your sense of calling on a scale of 1 to 10. (1= completely uncertain; 10= completely certain).

5. What do you think will be your greatest strength in ministry? Your greatest weakness?

Part Two: Group Assessment

Find three people who know you well and who know God well, and who love you enough to be perfectly honest with you. It will help to have older and experienced people as part of this.

Share your responses to Part One (above) with them, and then ask them to respond to the following questions, either orally or in writing. If possible, get all three of them together at once for this conversation.

1. Do you detect a divine call of God on my life to serve in ministry?

2. What makes you think God has called me?

3. What strengths and weaknesses do you see in me?

4. Do you have any uncertainties or misgivings about my going into ministry? Is there anything you fear, for me or for the church, by my going into ministry?

5. What would you say my “blind spots” are? What things about myself am I unaware of?

6. Do I have an evident walk with Christ? Does my life make following Jesus attractive?

7. Would you want to follow me a spiritual leader? Why or why not?

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