Time to Get Back in the Saddle: Plan Your Study

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Is the break over already? I expect most of you are getting back into the groove of studies, whether tackling a J-term or starting the Winter semester. Time to get back in the saddle.


So in honor of that, I’ll be posting some thoughts on planning your study. Here’s an introduction:

Plan your study

If the goal of your time in seminary is to get ready for ministry, then you must keep this goal in mind as you plan for your studies. We’re going to talk about planning on three different levels.

Yes, I said as you plan your studies. Did you think that the seminary did that for you? Oh, no. What they do is set a curriculum for your degree, a set of classes they think you should take. Keep in mind that some of their requirements are in the degree to meet standards given to them by accrediting agencies, vested denominational boards, and others whose bottom line goal for the curriculum may not be quite the same as yours.

Now I don’t think that seminary curriculum planners are malicious, or out to waste your time. Of course not. But let’s be real: while some of the classes in the curriculum are very valuable for ministry preparation, other classes will range from interesting but irrelevant to completely pointless. Any seminary graduate serving in ministry will tell you that.

Tomorrow: Step one.