My Crummiest Classes

In Academics, Time Management by adminmark

So if my top 20% of value came in 18 hours of classes, then surely I had a bottom 20%, too?

You bet I did. Here they are:
Old and New Testament (Four classes, 12 hrs) – Here the culprit was poor instructors. I had dithering graduate students for two of the four classes, and a stuffed shirt bomfogging professor for a third. A good professor for the fourth did not make up for the fact that the content of these classes was just not very helpful or necessary. All the information I needed from these I could get from a good reference book.

Christian Ministry (4 hrs) – Dusty, out-of-touch professor and unhelpful content.

Education Administration (2 hrs) – Terrible books, pointless assignments, irrelevant content and a boring professor. Gack. This was the worst. I should have shown up only for the tests and been satisfied with a C. The value of this class was to teach me endurance.

Now pay attention to WHY these classes were low-value. I’m willing to bet that with better instructors, my Old and New Testament classes could have been quite good. Had I asked around about these instructors, I probably could have set myself up for better experiences.

And at the end of the day, some classes are just going to be boring filler. No way around it. And it’s certainly not the end of the world. Think of it as preparation for pointless meetings you’re bound to have to suffer through in ministry life.

Your turn: Crummiest class so far and why? (And no naming professors, please. Let’s be kind!)