Let’s talk about money

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This week I’d like to introduce the general topic of money management for seminary students. This is a huge topic, obviously. There are tons of people, programs, books and blogs dedicated to personal finance. It’s bewildering. I wouldn’t want to compete with them, and I’m definitely not qualified to.

However, it is critically important for seminary students to be wise managers of their money. “Yeah, right,” you say. “What money?”

Exactly. Poverty and seminary go hand in hand. It’s part of the glory of seminary–beater cars, cheap food, cheap dates, used books, Wal-Mart, WIC… I know you don’t have a lot of money. Doesn’t matter. You need to manage well what you have.

Also, you need a financial education. This is critically important. There are tons of ways you can get one. This week, I’ll share a few links to get you started. Coming soon: an interview with Lonnie, my longtime friend who is a financial planner.

For today: Get Rich Slowly is a great blog on personal finance. They share their Eight Ways to Take Control of Your Finances in 2008. Lots of good, basic introductory info here.