Free Alternatives to Quicken/MS Money

So in order to plan and be responsible for your money, you need to be able to track it well, right?

The easy answer is financial software. I’ve used Quicken for many years, and WOW! does it simplify the process. You can really follow where you money goes, and it doesn’t take that much effort.

But you’re in seminary and you’re poor. You don’t have cash to spend to manage your cash. Well, as it turns out, you don’t have to run out and buy the latest version of Quicken or MS Money. There are free alternatives!

For the full list, pop over to Zen Habits.

4 Replies to “Free Alternatives to Quicken/MS Money”

  1. Another one is Mint. Also, personally, I’ve found that “tracking” money doesn’t really help me… I need to budget my money… that’s why I use Mvelopes. Two downsides are that you have to pay for it and tech support is… well, lets just say my file probably has a few notes in it. The upside is that you can be proactive instead of reactive… Sadly I’ve yet to find any other programs out there that let you manage your money this way, much less, free ones.

  2. Here’s a quick testimony to the value of tracking your money. In high school and undergrad I worked at a pizza restaurant as a delivery driver. I wasn’t paid hourly so if I wasn’t delivering food I was free to study, sleep, talk on the phone or whatever. I choose Golden Tee: a great video arcade game that would let you play 3 holes of golf for 50 cents. Due to the wise promptings of my future in-laws I began to follow the advice of Larry Burkett and track where my money went. Gas, coffee, soda, and yes Golden Tee playing time all went into the spreadsheet. To my amazement, I spent $63 on Golden Tee in the first month in my free time at work! This realization radically changed my financial perspective. My point is, lunch at McD’s, coffee at Starbucks, and a candy bar at the check out line ad up big time!

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