The Church-Seminary Connection

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A few different bloggers have chimed in on the disconnect between seminary and the local church.

Timmy Brister highlighted a Pastor-In-Training program at Third Avenue Baptist in Louisville. In summary, it seems that this church is actually taking responsibility for the development of new ministers, and not delegating that responsibility to the seminaries. Way to go, Third Baptist! May your tribe increase!

Seminarians: let me say it again. Get involved in a local church. Find godly mentors (more on that later this month). Ask to sit in on meetings for your own education. The initiative has to be with you.

Dustin Benge wrote a great pair of posts called Bridging the Gap Between Seminary and the Local Church, especially addressing the attitude shift necessary for a freshly graduated seminarian as he begins his ministry. Here’s his counsel:

Bridge the Gap Between Seminary and the Local Church by:
1. The “High-Horse” Syndrome
2. Be Teachable
3. Be Willing to do what you ask of Others
4. Be a Mentor
5. Don’t Be Jealous
6. Don’t Look for the Next Best Thing

Definitely worth reading. Part One Part Two