End of Another Semester at Seminary

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I suspect many of you are finishing up papers and exams (or have already) and are looking forward to breathing that awesome sigh of relief when your final project is done. Pretty sweet feeling, isn’t it?

So before you get started with another round of classes, I want to suggest that you take a little soul inventory.

I sat next to Mindy Caliguire on a plane last year returning from a conference. She is the founder of Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry.

She recently published an article on simplicity and duplicity. Her main point, as I understand it, is that the multiple pressures of ministry push us to try to be more than we really are. We often unintentionally create a false self–a ministry self–that is more capable, holy, and perfect than we really are.

Here’s a quote:

When I feel the pull to be more confident, more together, more successful, more spiritual, more hard-working, or more organized than I really am, I am tempted by duplicity. And when I succumb to that temptation, everyone around me suffers.

It is critical that you and I be alert to this temptation. Religious professionals can become Pharisees overnight, without warning.

Take a moment and do a little self-examination. You can find her complete article here.