Teaching Your Kids to Love the Church

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Since so many seminary students have young children, I thought Dustin Benge’s recent post was definitely worth passing along.

From the time they are born a pastors’ child is the center of attention in the church and cannot escape scrutiny by members. When dad doesn’t come home when he said he would, when dad misses the ball game, when dad misses the ballet; his children begin to resent the church at an early age…. If your children grow up to love, adore and cherish Christ and His church and become active members in a local body you have succeeded in your ministry.

He’s got a great list of practical suggestions.

1. Spend time with your children.

2. Don’t discuss church business in front of your kids.

3. Praise the church in front of your kids.

4. Don’t let your children be an example to the rest of the congregation.

5. Pray with your children.

Read the full post for complete explanations.

Good job, Dustin.