You’re a Victim of Triage (and upcoming posts!)

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Regular readers of Seminary Survival Guide have noticed that my posting has been slow of late. My explanation is that I’ve been practicing what I preach.

One key concept I believe it’s critical for Christian leaders to master is triage: knowing how to sort through a welter of urgent demands and determine what is truly important.

Triage means “to sort.” It is a practice used in emergency medicine to determine which cases will receive immediate treatment. In a battlefield hospital overwhelmed with casualties, hard decisions have to be made. Some soldiers will get medical treatment immediately, and their lives will be saved. Some have less severe injuries that can wait, and others who are terribly wounded and cannot be saved, are made comfortable and left to die.

Triage is about making hard choices about how you use your limited time and resources. See its application to ministry and seminary here

And of late, since issues have been pressing at my primary job, so I have put Seminary Survival Guide in the “wait” column. I expect this won’t be the last time.

I expect that you will do the same. I don’t expect you to read SSG when you have exams to study for and haven’t spent any time with your spouse. You can always come back and catch up. All posts are archived by category, with the most recent ones at the top. We’ll be here when you get back.

This site, both for me and for you, is meant to be a servant, not a master. It’s up to us both to see that doesn’t happen.

Having said that, look for two upcoming posts:
“Live Off Campus” will provide an argument for why living at seminary is bad for you.
And “Master Your Seminary’s Required Reading in Half the Time (or Less)” will show you a simple technique used at Oxford University and other graduate programs for fast mastery of reading material.

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