Seminary Syllabus Strategy #2: Start Reading Now

Seminary involves a LOT of reading. At the beginning of the semester, you typically have more open time. Seize it! Use it to read ahead now, and then when the first wave of papers is due, you won’t be so rushed.

There may be some classes you can read ahead in more easily.

Look over your assigned reading, and decide which reading will be more challenging and which is more accessible. You may want to wade through the difficult stuff early, or breeze through the easy stuff first. Either way. Just get a jump on it.

Use this reading method for faster comprehension, if you’re not asked to account for your eyes touching every word of your reading.

Even if you can only get an extra six hours or so of reading in during the first few weeks, that will give you six hours you can use later when it’s crunch time.


Have trouble with procrastination? Try this.

3 Replies to “Seminary Syllabus Strategy #2: Start Reading Now”

  1. Also, take a book with you wherever you go. You’d be amazed at how much extra reading you can get in by utilizing the random free moments you have throughout the day.

  2. Ditto on Shaun’s comment.

    Also, it’s too late now for summer– but as Christmas break approaches, you might also consider what I regularly did: go to the professors of the classes you are registered for, and ask them which of the assigned books you could be reading ahead over summer/Christmas break to get ready for the class. I did this every semester, and usually had two or three books finished before classes began without too much effort.

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