Quick Update

Seminary Survival Guide.com has been fairly inactive, as you may have noticed.

I’ve been busy with lots of good things going at church: we’re attempting to relocate, and lots of people are coming to faith. The challenges are many and they are good.

Next week, however, I’ll be taking a couple of days away to write with Ed Eubanks. We’re working on putting some of our material on seminary life and ministry preparation into book form. I’ll keep you updated as we have progress to report.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. In the meantime, as always, all of our archives are available for you to browse. I hope you find them beneficial.

Mark Warnock
General Editor
Seminary Survival Guide.com

4 Replies to “Quick Update”

  1. “We’re very open to your comments and suggestions, so fire away.”

    Well, I didn’t find an e-mail address or comment form, so I’m responding to this entry (since the other entry I tried didn’t sem to be accepting comments – I may be wrong on this).

    You might consider creating a page on Facebook. Doing so will allow seminarians to share the link to the site with their networks (read classmates), and you can also have Facebook import notes from your RSS feed. Those notes will appear on the Facebook page and in the news feeds of people who fanlike your page.

  2. I also couldn’t find a contact form. I was hoping to send you an email, so I figured I’d just post here. You should have a section where users can put togetehr guest posts. This would help with your sustainability. This Friday I’m posting on my website, “How to Survive Seminary Entry #1: Engage the Heart.” I’m writing from a perspective as I go through seminary, but you could harvest writers like me to help out with your site.

    Check out this link to my site my “Your Turn” page. http://awkwardchristianity.com/write-a-christian-article Send me an email. If you like my article that’s coming out this Friday, maybe we could re-release it on this site. We could put links to my site, which would help with my traffic, and it would help you with generating traffic.

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