11 Things to Do at Seminary: A Graduate’s Advice

A new grad from my alma mater, Southwestern, shares his thoughts on seminary.

A sample:

Make an effort to develop good friendships 

Not only are you making friends for life, who will be a rock for you to lean on during your days in ministry, but you will learn more outside of the classroom in conversations with friends than during lectures. Since this is true, you should take as many classes as you can with your friends, and discuss the lectures and readings as often as possible. I have learned more, and been challenged more, during conversations with friends at Starbucks and over lunch than I would have if I solely relied on my personal study of class lectures.

Have fun

Seminary is a time for serious study and preparation for ministry, but it is also a time to enjoy life. Don’t always act so serious, and take the opportunity to get involved in intramural sports, as well as seek out a hobby other than reading. Always make sure to set aside time during the week to relax with friends and family.

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  1. Don’t make school and/or grades your idolatry.

    Last weekend, I visited Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. During my visit I observed a Q&A panel between future students and professors there. One professor during the panel discussed how important it is to remember that we are glorifying God in our studies no matter the result with the quote:”I would rather you give glory to God and make a C through your own hardwork then obtain an A through dishonest methods.”

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