The Digital Pastor

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Churches today have two requirements: they must have a website if they expect anyone to find them, and they must be on social media, too. Unfortunately, many churches are cultural laggards in this area, and still have laughable websites loaded with tack clip art and anemic, unwise social media presences. These unquestionably do them more harm than good in terms of reaching new people.

The church desperately needs leaders who are digitally savvy.

A smart move for a seminary student or graduate who is candidating for ministry positions, or is about to, would be to read up on social media best practices and metrics. A potential staff member who, in addition to competency in their conventional ministry areas, has the know-how to lead digital strategy, would be a very attractive hire, especially for an existing or legacy church that needs to raise their game in this area.

  • A quick google search can get you started, but you might check out what is happening over at Lifeway Social.
  • The Five Leadership Questions podcast recently dropped an eye-opening episode on social media.
  • Check out Digital Rocket’s Post on the Top 10 Church Websites. DR has a growing list of articles and best practices that are definitely worth reading.

Another key move would be to transition your own social media presence from a personal presence to a branded presence. Instead of sports scores, retweets of your favorite people and what you ate for dinner, a branded presence involves being intentional about the messages you are proclaiming in the digital marketplace and finding a unique, consistent voice and look.

How else could a seminary student increase his/her social impact and prepare for leading digital strategy?