The Complete Seminary Survival Guide is out!

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We’re proud to announce, at last, the release of The Complete Seminary Survival Guide.

The book represents the best of this website, giving direct, practical counsel to ministry students on managing the academic, financial, spiritual, and relational stresses of seminary life. We hope that it will help lift the burdens and ease the stress of seminary students everywhere.

Friends have been very generous with their support on social media. If you’d like to help:

  1. Share about it on social media, using the hashtag #seminarysurvivalguide. (There are a handful of images below you can use.)
  2. Review it on Amazon or Goodreads
  3. Tell a friend!

Special Offer

We’re offering a free Kindle version of the book for those who purchase a print copy.  Simply email your purchase receipt to, and I will send you the ebook with my compliments.