Side Hustles, the Gig Economy, and Ministry

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Daniel Im commented recently over at his blog about the influence of the side-hustling, gig economy on pastoral ministry. For Millennials, having the savvy and flexibility to pursue multiple avenue of income might just be necessary for survival in today’s economy–but it has potential Kingdom implications, too.

One of Im’s comments:

I am convinced that if we want to see a church multiplication movement in our lifetime and see the Great Commission fulfilled, we cannot solely rely on full-time paid staff positions (nor am I advocating that we get rid of them). What we need are additional lanes for ministry, like bivocational. And it’s time that we legitimize and normalize them.

Daniel Im

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I agree with him, especially about multiple lanes of ministry.

When I first met a fellow seminary student who started a business to put himself through school, I thought he was an exception, a rare entrepreneurial type.  Now, I think every ministry student needs to have a way to make money outside of church and ministry, even if they don’t have to use it. I see many signs that the church, organizationally, is having to run leaner than in decades past.

What about you? Do you see bivocational ministry as a legitimate pathway for you? Do you have a way to earn income outside of ministry?