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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

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Focus like a Ninja, Study like a Boss. Seminary reading and writing projects demand a kind of intellectual focus that can be hard to achieve. Even getting started on major projects can be a struggle. The best productivity comes when we get into a zone, a state of mental flow where focus is strong and ideas come easily. Here are …

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Syllabus Strategies for a Successful Semester

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The first week of seminary is a fantastic gift.  By the beginning of each class, if not before, they provide a syllabus, which contains all the assignments you’ll need to complete this semester and their due dates. The class syllabus is a time management bonanza. If you take a few moments to plan well, it can make the semester much …

Which seminary degree should I get?

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We’ve already mentioned that planning your study is your responsibility, and not your seminary’s. The first level of planning is to choose your degree program wisely. The M. Div. is the standard, time-honored ministry degree.  It includes biblical and theological studies as well as a range of coursework in the practical aspects of ministry: preaching, pastoral care, evangelism, and so …

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How to Get a Ph.D While Working a Full-Time Job

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I’m just completing my first semester in a seminary Ph.D program, which I began while keeping my full-time ministry job as Associate Pastor of my church.  It’s not an easy task at all, and has more than its share of time management challenges.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts and practices. Expect life to change. You cannot do …

Tips for Better Writing

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Seminary students have a LOT of writing to do.  This article has some great counsel on honing your ability to write. One excerpt: 4. Give yourself time. Many smart people tell themselves pathetic lies like, “I do my best work at the last minute.” Look: It’s not true. No one works better under pressure. Sure, you are a smart person. …

Don’t Be Lazy

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In the face of all the multiple demands at seminary, the temptation to laziness can be acute.  I’ve spoken with a number of students who succumb to laziness, to their own hurt.  They have much to get done, but cannot get themselves to do it. Often laziness will show up as procrastination; or choosing to do distracting or escapist activities …